Customer case

Our client General Electric

General Electric Renewable Energy is considererd as “a world leader” in electricity production from gas, coal and fuel, from solar, nuclear, hydroelectric, geothermal energy.

The company has wished to select the OBMS solution to optimize its engineering contingent workforce purchases.

Project details

Client General Electric
Date 2015
Area Industry
Scope France

“The OBMS solution published by Opase is robust and perfectly meets the need to manage services efficiently on all sites.”

Marc Bollinger

Strategic Sourcing & Grid Commodity Manager, General Electric

Strengths of the Project

Complete and adaptable solution

End-to-end management in a progressive manner, on all sites.

Quick set-up

Around 3 weeks per site

Pérennité dans le temps

Achieved through multiple buy-outs

4 Essential Points for our Client

10 years already – Quick to implement – Complete indicators – Complete and international solution

10 years already

Since 2006, Alstom then General Electric Grid Solutions has been using the OBMS solution to manage all its contingent workforce on its French sites of Massy and Montpellier. Marc Bollinger, Strategic Sourcing & Grid Commodity Manager, told us in an interview: « the OBMS solution published by Opase is robust and perfectly meets the need to manage services efficiently on all the sites ».

Quick to implement

This is why, during 2015’s second semester, Mr. Bollinger decided to extend the OBMS solution to several other French sites. To this aim, he set up a project team to implement the solutions in only 2 months on the Villeurbanne, Saint-Priest and Aix les Bains (Rhône-Alpes) sites. « It is very rare to find a solution which is so quick to deploy, meets our operational requirements, and needs to mobilize so few internal resources. », reveals Mr. Bollinger.

Complete indicators

Mr. Bollinger is pleased to dispose of “a database which is complete, shared and updated in real time” and enables him to better manage his rate negociations and answer all internal questions concerning the company’s services efficiently, “such as the number of service providers at a given time ».

The solution also gives him a global view of each provider’s activity. Indeed, homogenizing data on the different French sites helps mastering the provider panel and costs.

Solution complète et internationale

He adds that “the project managers and the buyers were quickly convinced about this SaaS mode solution’s usefulness”. Indeed, since OBMS allows the project managers to manage the whole process of contingent workforce management from invitation to bid to project closure to provider’s billing, M. Bollinger says that they are delighted because the tool facilitates a part of their work. In the future, M. Bollinger thinks that «the management at the international scale will be greatly simplified». This is why he informs us that he wishes to « extend the OBMS solution everywhere in Europe, first in England then in Germany on very short notice ».

This European deployment will be greatly facilitated by Opase’s leadership on this market, partly aquired thanks to its command of specific regulations of these countries and its capacity to integrate new ones. “We rely on the Opase teams’ proven professionnalism”, M. Bollinger finally underlines.

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