Negociate your rate grids in less than 2 weeks

With the Auction Grid Referencing, you will…

Save time at all stages of the negociation

Negociate better with automated reportings

Reduce your providers’ rates by 10 to 30%

Update your rate grids easily and quickly

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A Solution Designed by Buyers for Buyers

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Do you manage intellectual services procurement?

IT, consulting, engineering, legal services, HR, training, strategy, communication, marketing…

Do you use profile grids?

Do you negociate their rates when establishing your framework contracts and do you wish to be able to re-negociate them periodically?


you need to update your service providers’ rate grids regularly.
The Auction Grid Referencing solution enables you to do it in a simple and automated way.

The different steps of the Auction Grid Referencing


Before the Auction Grid Referencing

Vous définissez les règles : le nombre de tours, les deadlines, les fournisseurs conviés…


During each round

On the provider’s side: each provider enters a rate for each profile on the platform
On the buyer’s side: you can view in real time the providers’ answers compiled on the platform


At the end of each round

On the provider’s side: each provider sees if he is above the average rate for each profile and can update his proposal on the next round
On the buyer’s side: thanks to the automated reporting, you have access to averages, standard deviations, max… It accompanies you in your negociation between each round


At the end of a grid referencing

You can extract the negociated rates in .csv or Excel format. Moreover, you can integrate the new rates in OBMS in 1 click.

Exemple de Référencement Dynamique OBMS

2 solutions to perform your Auction Grid Referencing

Carry out a single campaign of referencing

with the autonomous module Auction Grid Referencing”

Carry out an illimited number of campaigns

with the OBMS integrated suite

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