The dynamic referencing

Update your grids in just a few clicks on OBMS

With the dynamic referencing, simply challenge your grid prices and stay as close as possible to market prices.

A solution designed by the buyers for the buyers

Our platform is enhanced further with our customers’ recommendations

Do you manage the purchase of consulting services?

IT, Computing, consulting, engineering,
legal, HR, training, strategy,
communication, marketing…

Are you used to using profile grids?

Do you negotiate their rates when you set up your framework contracts and want to be able to renegotiate them periodically?


You need to regularly update the price lists of your suppliers of consulting services.
The Dynamic Referencing solution enables you to do this easily and automatically.

The benefits of dynamic referencing

Discover a new, simpler and more efficient way to do your referencing

Save time at every stage of the negotiation

Negotiate more effectively with automated reporting

Reduce your  expenses by 10 to 30%

Update your price grids quickly and easily

Solution integrated with market price studies

If you have purchased a market price study, you can combine it with OBMS’ dynamic referencing tool to offer you the opportunity of a high-performance analysis and thus better challenge your suppliers.

Simplify this time-consuming task in just a few clicks, and optimize your price lists by up to 30%.
By automating the process, we guarantee results within 2 weeks!

The Steps in the dynamic referencing

Let us guide you through the tool to launch a new referencing


Prior to the referencing

You define the rules: number of rounds, deadlines, invited suppliers…


During each round

Supplier’s side: each supplier enters a price for each profile in the interface
Buyer’s side: you can consult the suppliers’ responses gathered in the interface.


At the end of each round

Supplier’s side: each supplier can see if they are above the average price for each profile, and improve their proposal for the next round.
Buyer’s side: thanks to automated reporting, you have access to averages, standard deviations, max… It assists you in your negotiations between each round.


At the end of the Referencing

You can extract negotiated prices in .csv or Excel format. Moreover, you can integrate new prices into OBMS in just 1 click.

Exemple de Référencement Dynamique OBMS

Instant benefits

A tool designed to optimize your purchasing performance

Up to 30% reduction in prices

Standardisation of supplier files

Help with price negotiations

Automatic processing of price grids

Price updates in less than 2 weeks

Reduce supplier response times

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