Opase, editor of the OBMS solution

What is Opase?

Opase is a software publisher which, since 2006, has been supplying the OBMS solution to companies which use external service providers to carry out their innovative projects.

Opase, European leader in VMS, develops and perfects the OBMS solution to simplify your search and improve the management of your external resources.

Our ambition is to simplify the daily lives of our customers. Discover the Opase story in a few lines!

Our history

Our mission is to simplify your search and improve the management of your external resources.

The world of work is evolving, and our mission is to support companies in their innovative projects and help them tackle the Future of Work, today, with peace of mind.


Having worked as a project manager, sales representative and then ESN executive, Jean-Christophe Legros, CEO of Opase, worked with a corporate buyer at France Telecom to identify the difficulties encountered by all players in the field. Receiving poorly defined invitations to tender makes it difficult to respond to demand, access to reliable KPIs is extremely complex, traceability of expenses and reporting are terribly time-consuming…


We’ll spare you the success story that began in a garage: instead, the idea for OBMS was born over a strong cup of coffee and grew up in a minimalist palace setting, on the top floor under the rafters of a Paris building, where a chair and a desk were enough to fill the space.

The ideas were flowing, the post-its were piling up, so how could we simplify the work of the 3 stakeholders and improve their collaboration? How can we measure and improve performance? How do you enable companies to remain sustainable and collaborate with the best specialized partners in the IT and engineering sectors?

… and voila! Did you say OPASE?


Opase is born. Joining forces with Eugène Suzyumov, an architect specializing in metrology, Jean-Christophe Legros creates the OBMS solution, which responds to the challenges and constraints faced by buyers of intellectual services and their suppliers in their collaborative projects.

A collaborative platform that makes it easier to find and manage external talent to support companies in their innovative projects.

1 month later, Opase signs its first customer, Alstom.


First international customer for Opase. The OBMS platform, already multilingual, became multi-currency and, above all, compliant with local regulations and legal constraints. To date, OBMS complies with all local legislative requirements.


With rapid growth and good spirits, the team moved from its original premises to larger premises.


Opase wins Bombardier’s Preferred Supplier Award, which recognizes the company’s best suppliers.


The OSN (OBMS Supplier Network) is becoming a dynamic international marketplace with over 1,000 active suppliers. The OSN is a module made available to buyers who wish to broaden their consultation, for example when they cannot find specific resources.


Après une gestion des données en mode Big Data, les premiers algorithmes intelligents arrivent sur OBMS, ils facilitent et aident les différents intervenants dans leurs décisions aux différentes étapes du processus d’achat, faisant gagner un temps précieux à tous.


Opase takes to the skies, settles its bags in Canada and sets off to conquer the Americas! The management team having taken their first steps there at the dawn of their careers…

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