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Listing, consultation, exchanges, negotiation, project follow-up, quality notes… manage your supplier relationships directly in your VMS.

More than 1500 suppliers are on OBMS

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Your suppliers et OBMS

Retrouvez tous vos fournisseurs en un clic et accédez aux meilleures compétences

OPASE enables you to consult and manage your list of referenced providers.

Add, remove, narrow down a short list or rank by category, you can manage your panel freely. 

You cannot find the right exteral talent for your project ? OBMS provides you with the largest business network the OBMS Supplier Network where you have access to other labelized suppliers. This module is at your disposal when you wish to expand your consultations.  

*OSN : OBMS Supplier Network, the key to find the right resources at the right time

(*OSN : OBMS Supplier Network)

Objectively assessed and managed by Opase, the OBMS supplier network provides you with a large number of suppliers sponsored by other clients on OBMS. The module is at your disposal to help you achieve your procurement goals.  

Different from a single service providers platform, OBMS is a collaboration tool linking providers and clients and helping them collaborating. 

Aknowledged quality label

To differentiate high-performance suppliers, we have created the OBMS Labels

Suppliers can be awarded labels on the OBMS platform. These labels are awarded on the basis of key performance indicators that reflect, among other things, commercial efficiency, service quality and suppliers’ compliance with commitments.

There are 3 label levels: Silver, Gold and Elite. With OBMS, your impartial VMS platform, suppliers have the opportunity to develop their business and stand out by offering a service highlighted by these labels.


Why should you use the OSN?

Trouvez de nouveaux fournisseurs et gagnez en efficacité 

Reduce your sourcing time

Save time with our keyword or company name search engine

Improve the quality of your sourcing

Suppliers are sponsored by one or more buyers in the OBMS network.

Quick access to information

Hundreds of detailed fact sheets with key information for each company

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