The OBMS Labels

Identify high-performance suppliers

Created and published by Opase, OBMS is a tool that brings together suppliers of intellectual services and prescribers. With over 1,500 active suppliers on the platform, OBMS is now a benchmark for companies seeking access to the best skills on the market.

To encourage these suppliers to deliver the best quality of service to their customers, OPASE awards a Label to the most committed and efficient companies. This label is now part of the criteria that encourage OBMS customers to consult a new supplier.



Label criteria : a guarantee of trust

Labels are awarded automatically to the best-performing partner suppliers. The algorithm that calculates the different label levels takes into account numerous criteria that guarantee quality for OBMS customers. These criteria include:


The supplier quickly provides relevant answers to calls for tender


The supplier respects its pricing commitment and market positioning


The supplier provides high-quality customer service and project management


The supplier is committed to business and CSR performance

Label Levels

Each partner supplier on the platform can aspire to obtain a label visible to OBMS customers. There are 3 levels of label that distinguish companies that offer quality, reliability and performance.


Elite Label 

The best companies receive the Elite label: representing the Top 1% of suppliers.


Gold Label

Only the top 10% of suppliers are identified with a Gold label


Silver Label 

Silver-labeled companies outperform the average supplier


How do I find labelled suppliers?


If you’d like to extend your consultation to new suppliers, rely on OBMS labels to show you the best options at a glance.

Find labelled suppliers on your OBMS platform:

On supplier profiles: when a partner supplier has been awarded a label, its label is displayed directly on its profile,

In the OSN* (OBMS Supplier Network): when you perform an extended search using keywords, the labels are displayed directly in the list of results.



The OSN*, a powerful tool for extending your consultations

(*OSN : OBMS Supplier Network)

The OSN is an OBMS module that gives you access to an extensive list of suppliers. Managed independently by Opase, this index will make it much easier for you to consult new suppliers.