The OBMS Solution Assets

Guidance and Expertise

Specialised in contingent workforce global management, we support you in your search of new talents and in the management of your contingent workforce.

Mesurable Financial Gains

Quick results with return on investment after only a few weeks of use.

One platform Is Enough

Our numerous modules cover all your needs and allow you to manage your processes globally.

Immediate and Specifc Reporting

We always listen to your needs and if, in order to analyse your external service providers’ data, you need an indicator which is not available on OBMS, we are at your disposal to discuss it.

Global Platform

Local regulatory constraints taken into account, multi-language, multi-currency, multi-process.

The Best of the Cloud

You have access to the platform’s last version and updates, at no cost.

Totally Modular and Integrable

OBMS can manage everything but can also interface with your tools to fully integrate into your processes.

Very Quick Set Up

The platform is so simple and complete that few specific developments are necessary. Our VMS natively offers all the good practices of the trade.

Easy to Use

Each user has his own particular universe and a platform which is specific to his role.